Top 10 Bookstores in Minnesota

One of my favorite past times is going to a bookstore with no expectations, browsing all the racks, and falling in love with a new book. To be very honest, I go to a bookstore at least once a week and come home with a few new reads. We all have our vices and mine is reading.

I am so bookstore shopping obsessed that I have a fantasy about meeting my future husband in one. It would be like in the movies where both of us are browsing through the books on opposite sides of the same bookshelf. We then both grab a book that just so happens to be in the very same spot just on different sides and we lock eyes through the now vacant area. We laugh and smile. Somehow we get to talking about books and the rest is history.

Ahh wouldn't that be nice.

Anyways, as I was saying, I go to bookstores a lot and because of this I have my favorite ones. Some of the stores are well known and some are just whole in the walls, but I love each of them the same. 

So I thought I would share my favorite places to shop for books so you too can perhaps have a bookstore romance, or just find a few good reads!

Zenith Bookstore

Photo credit: Zenith Bookstore Facebook page

Located at: 318 N Central Ave, Duluth, MN 55807

Zenith Bookstore is locally owned and is right in the heart of West Duluth. They offer a huge selection of gently used and new books as well as cards, journals, and bookish gifts. The inside of the store gives off such a cozy vibe with comfortable chairs to sit in. Before COVID-19, the bookstore held many author and community events, which they plan to resume once things are safe to do so.

Chester Creek Books & Antiques

Photo credit: Chester Creek Books & Antiques Facebook page

Located at: 1333 E Superior St, Duluth, MN 55805

Chester Creak Books & Antiques is housed in a gorgeous old church and has over 20,000 used and rare books. As soon as you walk in you will feel transported to booktopia because of the endless bookshelves. The maze like layout will definitely get you lost once or twice, but trust me you won't mind. I recommend going when you at least have an hour because you won't ever want to leave!

Black Letter Books

Photo credit: Black Letter Books Facebook page

Located at: 102 Main St. S, Stillwater, MN 55082

Black Letter Books carries a wide selection of literature, poetry, classic children's books, fiction, history, and non-fiction. Their collection has fine bindings and first editions which means their prices vary from $1 to several thousands of dollars. The store is located in the historic downtown Stillwater area, which makes for the best environment to shop in.

Gabriel's Used Bookstore

Photo credit: Gabriel's Bookstore Facebook page

Located at: 4915 E Superior St, Duluth, MN 55804

Gabriel's Used Bookstore is run by a volunteer organization and specializes in old and used books, CDs, DVDs, and vinyl records. The store is in the Lakeside/Lester Park neighborhood of Duluth and is right next to the lake walk.

Lake County Booksellers

Photo credit: Lake County Booksellers Facebook page

Located at: 4766 Washington Sq, Saint Paul, MN 5510 

Lake County Booksellers is a charming little book shop in Downtown White Bear Lake. Surrounded by other local shops and eaters, this indie store is a must go to. They have a great selection of used and new books, gifts, calendars, stuffed animals, and more.

Half Price Books- Maplewood location
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Located at: 2982 White Bear Ave N, Maplewood, MN 55019

Half Price Books is my number one go to bookstore whenever I am in the mood to shop. I love their huge selection of genres and the employees are always super kind and willing to help. I go to the Maplewood location the most, but I do recommend really any location in Minnesota!

Scout & Morgan Books

Photo credit: Scout & Morgan Facebook page

Located at: 114 Buchanan St N, Cambridge, MN 55008

Scout & Morgan Books has over 25,000 used, new, and out-of-print books. They also offer unique cards and gifts to make any book reader's heart soar. The book shop is located next to City Center Café, which is an independent coffee shop, natural foods co-op, and deli. You can browse Scout & Morgan Books while sipping on City Center Cafe's tea or coffee! Coffee and books make the best pairing.

Photo credit: Cherry Street Books Facebook page

Located at: 503 Broadway St, Alexandria, MN 56038

Cherry Street Books has an amazing range of books from fiction to non-fiction and everything in-between. They also have different book related gifts to make your shopping trip a great time! 

Next Chapter Booksellers

Photo credit: Next Chapter Booksellers Facebook page

Located at: 38 Snelling Ave S, St. Paul, MN 55105

Once known as Common Good Books, Next Chapter Booksellers is the largest independent bookstore in Saint Paul, MN. This lovely store is most known for giving great book recommendations, putting on upbeat author events, and having a large range of new and bestselling titles.

The Irreverent Bookworm

Photo credit: The Irreverent Bookworm Facebook page

Located at: 5163 Bloomington Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55417

The Irreverent Bookworm has a cozy kids' room, a ton of seating to relax in, a large selection of used books, bookish gift items, a welcoming atmosphere, and fun events when it is safe to do so. They also welcome well-behaved dogs into their store and have bike racks outside! Any store that allows dogs is a great store in my book!

And there you have it folks! Those are my top 10 bookstores in Minnesota. I love visiting each one and I just know you all will too! Even if you aren't a book reader, these stores have something for everyone.

Store hours vary for each shop because of COVID-19, so just check their websites before going.

If you have been to any of these shops, let me know in the comments below!

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