Holiday Wreaths and Acrylic Ornaments

Making holiday crafts is one of the best ways you can celebrate this time of year. You can turn on your favorite holiday music, make a cup of hot chocolate, and have yourself a blast while forgetting about your worries for a while.

This year I was lucky enough to create some great holiday decorations with my best friend, who always makes me laugh, but trust me you will have tons of fun by yourself too.

We decided to make wreaths and acrylic ornaments to spruce up our houses and add a D.IY. element to our decorations. Both projects were super easy to make and not harsh on the wallet either.

All the items necessary to make each trinket were bought at Michaels. I recommend watching out for their sales because they are constantly having great deals, which helps with any present buying budget. 

Holiday Wreaths

Creating your own perfect wreath just involves some creativity and a little festive spirit.

We used a basic wreath and added holly berries, gold glitter pine cones, and leaves. However, you can use just about anything you want to make it. I have seen people use ornaments, flowers, teddy bears, and more! Basically as long as you have E6000 glue you can stick anything onto the wreath.

While assembling you should let each item set for 30 seconds before lifting the wreath up. That way nothing will fall before it is ready.

Acrylic Ornaments

I was actually inspired by a TikTok I recently saw to make this and I will admit they turned out really good!

All you need to make these is glitter, acrylic ornaments, a paint brush, and Mod Podge.

To start making them, first put a small layer of Mod Podge and immediately add the glitter. Then paint a final layer of Mod Podge to seal everything in. Let it dry for around 30 minutes and afterwards you can write a special message on the ornament or leave it blank.

We had a lot of fun creating these exciting holiday crafts and I highly suggest that you try to create your own! If anyone does, let me know how they turned out in the comments below!

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