Friends Adventure Jar: The Ultimate Boredom Cure

My roommates and I often find ourselves sitting around the house and bored out of our minds. After trying to come up with something exciting to do, we normally wind up doing the same things over and over again, which just gets repetitive.

To switch things up, I decided to make an adventure jar that my friends and I can use to get inspiration and motivation to try new things.

I used an old jam jar, colored paper, and a piece of string to make this project. 

To get started, I first color coded the activities based on how long they would take to do.

 ___= 1 hour

___= 2-3 hours

___= 4+ hours

___= All day

Then with the help of my roomies and Pinterest, I wrote down all the ideas that we found interesting.

It can be hard to think of ideas on the spot, so you can always add to the jar as activities come to you. Here are some suggestions that we found, but feel free to make up your own.

Things to do with friends:

  • Thrift shopping
  • Road trip
  • Spa day
  • Go for a hike
  • Crafting project
  • Build a hot chocolate bar
  • Go to a socially distanced bar
  • Go to a lake for a picnic
  • Create a group handshake
  • Perform a crazy outfit fashion show
  • Bake cookies
  • Play a game
  • Try a new coffee shop
  • Indoor Picnic
  • Play a murder mystery game
  • Cook a potluck dinner
  • Bonfire
  • Movie day
  • Pinterest party
  • Go to a frozen yogurt shop
  • Binge watch a TV show
  • Paint your nails
  • Make some prank calls
  • Build a fort
  • Makeovers
  • Try a new coffee drink
  • Make a signature group cocktail drink
  • Go to a bookstore and get coffee
  • Watch YouTube
  • Make a pancake bar
  • Write letters to your future selves
  • Bake a cake
  • Get take out
  • Take online personality quizzes
  • Try a new place to eat

Once you have compiled a stack of things to do, crumple up the sheets of paper and throw them into the jar. Add a pretty tag to give the jar the finishing touch it needs and you are done!

Now whenever you and your friends are bored, shake the jar, grab an idea out at random, and do whatever activity you picked out.

My friends and I love this jar and it has cured our boredom! You can also do this for date ideas, family fun, and more.


  1. What a great idea with the friend jar !!! That was a great deal of work for you !!! People will love it;Thanks

  2. Love the pumpkins !!Will be fun to paint instead of carving !!! And NO MESS ,Yeah !

  3. I tried the mask and loved how smooth my face felt after I washed the treatment off !! Really smells good too !!