Easy Meal Prep Recipe Ideas

As a full time college student, I don't have the time to cook everyday for each meal. I have always loved cooking for my family and friends, but when it comes to cooking for one, I just didn't see the point. 

However, after eating way too many Amy's frozen meals, I decided to give meal prepping a go.

To start out, I made two bigger recipes a week that I used for lunches and/or dinners. This has worked out pretty well for me since I normally eat smaller breakfasts and have random meals with my roommates here and there.

Through doing this, I have found my love for cooking again and it's something I look forward to. Honestly, cooking is kind of like therapy or a well deserved break from work. I put on my favorite Spotify playlist, dance around the kitchen, and don't think about my worries for a while.

I have been meal prepping for around two months now and I have a few recipes that I constantly go back to. I wanted to share them with you all because not only are they tasty, they are super easy and cheap to make. Anyone without a lot of time and/or money on their hands will love these recipes!

Greek Couscous Salad

  • Recipe
  • Super fresh and healthy!
  • I don't feel heavy after eating it.

Roasted Brussel Sprout Bowls

  • Recipe
  • I cooked the sausage and veggies for around 20 mins and it was perfect!
  • Sauce is delicious and goes a long way!

Baked Mac & Cheese

  • Recipe
  • As you can see, it's a big hit with my roomies!
  • I added extra cheese to have a creamy sauce.

Southwest Sweet Potato Bowl

  • Recipe
  • Really simple and great for lunch.
  • I used a little sour cream on the side.

I also love:
  • Smoky Roasted Sausage and Vegetables
    • I opted out of the rice and used mini potatoes instead. I just cut them in half and roasted them on the same pan as the rest of the ingredients.
    • I recommend using less oil when coating the sausage and veggies.
  • Chili Cornbread Skillet
    • I added sugar to the chili just like my mom taught me.

Those are some of the meal prep recipes I have been loving lately. Let me know if you try any of these recipes in the comments below!


  1. They all sound so yummy! Gotta try them

    1. You will have to let me know how it goes! Thanks for reading

  2. I have tried the broccoli one !! Delicious! The other ones look Amazing, can't wait to try !! Keep em coming !