Top Things to do in Minnesota for Fall

Ladies and gentlemen it is time to break out your sweaters, fuzzy socks, and warm blankets. Put away those dad sandals and jorts because it is the season of cozy and comfortable. 

It is fall baby and there is nothing like watching the leaves change with a warm cup of coffee on a crisp morning. 

I must admit, fall is my favorite season by far. I just love being able to throw on a cardigan and light a candle without sweating to death in the summer heat.

My family, friends, and I have a ton of fall traditions that we do every year to get into the mood. I thought I would share some of my serotonin inducing activities so you too can get into the spirit.

Go to an apple orchard 

I  love going to the apple orchard. My family and I have been going to Pine Tree Apple Orchard in White Bear Lake, MN, for many years now. I highly recommend checking them out. They have many COVID-19 safety measures in place to make it a comfortable visit for all.

Make an apple pie

So you went to an apple orchard now what? Pie TIME! I used the Pillsbury pre-made pie crust and the recipe on the back of the box. It is super delicious and really easy to make.

(21+) Go to a brewing company

Brewing companies are the best place to go right now if you want a drink. Bent Paddle in Duluth, MN, has a "beer garden" outside for safe seating arrangements during the pandemic.

Have a picnic

Grab some food, a blanket, and a drink of choice, because you are going picnicking. It is such a fun activity to do during fall to be outside surrounded by the people you love.

Pumpkin spice everything bi*ches

It is the season of pumpkin spice and that means you can go grab a hot drink or my Dad's personal favorite, a donut, in whatever fall flavor you desire.

Watch Harry Potter

I absolutely adore Harry Potter and every fall season I rewatch the whole movie series. Even if you haven't watched them before, I highly recommend you give the series a try.

Go Hammocking

Grab something to do and find a peaceful place to relax. Alli (my friend) and I can talk for hours while swinging in a hammock. Sometimes I would argue talking with a good friend is better than therapy.

Chase the fall colors

The leaves they are a changing and boy are they beautiful! There are a ton of places in MN to go see the fall colors. My personal favorite place being Duluth, MN.

Read a book by candle light

So my friends and I just finished rewatching the Twilight movies and that got me in the mood to reread one of the books. I love reading a book with a gorgeous smelling candle burning. It creates the perfect fall vibe.

Have a photoshoot

Grab your camera and go create something! Simple as that.

Catch a sunrise

This particular sunrise was captured on Brighton Beach in Duluth, MN. However, you can find a gorgeous place to capture the sunrise anywhere nearby you!

Go to a pumpkin patch

There is something magical about picking out the perfect pumpkin and then being able to design whatever you want on it. I always go to Lendt's Pumpkin Patch in Wyoming, MN, but a quick Google search will help you locate a patch in your area.

Go on a hike

Hiking is a great way to get some exercise, but also a great excuse to get outside. Check out my blog post for the top spots to go hiking in MN.

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  1. Great Fun ideas to try !! I like the pizza and doughnuts ! Great pictures! I love Fall !!