Ranking Every Basic Coffee Place in MN

Folks it is time to get down and dirty. No I am not talking about rolling around in the dirt, but I am talking about sampling the muddy water that gives a caffeine boost like nothing else. It's coffee: the brewed drink made from the seeds of certain Coffea species that people will pay top dollar for.

I love taking a trip to a coffee shop to grab a drink before starting my day. With Covid-19, I have tried to steer clear of going into stores as much as possible, which means I have been going to drive-thru coffee places more than ever before.

There are about five coffee places that every Minnesotan goes to when on the go or trying to get their coffee fix while in a pandemic. Those places include: Starbucks, Dunn Bros, Caribou, Dunkin Donuts, and McDonalds.

So after going to these coffee shops countless amounts of time in the past few months, I decided to put them to the ultimate test. I went to all of them to find the best iced caramel latte. Now this is my favorite drink, but I believe my ranking will hold up for any hot or iced coffee drink with flavoring.

So my dear coffee addicted readers, let's get into the ranking. Who knows, you might be surprised how the results turn out.

Number 1: Dunkin Donuts

Grabbing the number one spot is Dunkin Donuts. Both their iced and hot flavored coffees have a perfectly balanced taste of coffee and the flavor shot of choice. I really loved this one!

Price for a small: $3.20

Number 2: Starbucks

Starbucks takes the number two ranking by being coffee forward while still being able to taste the flavor shot.

Price for a Grande: $4.99

Number 3: Dunn Bros

Dunn Bros focuses on having a strong, bitter coffee flavor first and sweetness second. This is the perfect latte for those who want a huge caffeine kick.

Price for a small: $4.61

Number 4: Caribou

Creamy, creamy, creamy. Caribou's latte is very cream forward with a coffee aftertaste. Not my favorite of the five lattes, but could be good in a pinch.

Price for a small: $4.35

Number 5: McDonalds

Okay, I'm doing to be straight up about this one, it is not good. This latte is nauseatingly sweet. I barely tasted any coffee and I would go as far as to say there is less than half a shot of expresso in it. It is basically milk with caramel in it. Ew.

Price for a small: $2.14

Well there you go folks! Let me know how you would rank these coffee places in the comments below.

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  1. Spot on with the coffee ratings !! Love me Dunkin' Doughnut !!!