How to Make Friends in College

Meeting people and making friends in college can be tough. You are in a new atmosphere surrounded by complete strangers and your comfort level is at an all time low. Trying to find the place where you belong and the people that make you feel happy can be a daunting task when starting anew.

When I started my first ever semester in college I was nervous about navigating campus, liking my professors, and getting good grades, but I was even more scared about making friends. After the first few weeks though, I found myself forming relationships that were easy, fun, and made me feel included.

If you are a person who likes having a lot of acquaintances or likes having a small group of quality friends, you still need those friendships to maneuver the ups and downs that comes with college.

The following tips can help you make new friends and build relationships with more confidence.

Stay true to yourself

Don't change yourself, your opinions, and your morals to fit in with someone else. In the long run, you will start to feel like an imposter and something that you are not.

Join something, anything!

There are a ton of clubs and activities on any college campus. Find the club directory online and choose a few that you would enjoy. This is a great way to meet people with similar interests as you.

Keep an open mind

You never know where and when you will create lasting friendships. Always be open to relationships that start in the most random of places. Sometimes those are the best ones you will make in college.

Get out of your comfort zone

Try new things! I can't stress this enough.

Be the first one to say hello

When you sit down in class, say hi to the person next to you. Or if you are in the long line at the campus coffee shop, share a complaint about the wait with the person behind or in front of you. Complaining always brings people together.

Compliment the other person

Compliments go a long way. Say something nice about the person's shoes, hair, outfit, etc., and they will most likely be your friend for life, or a least your new study buddy.

Don't rush things

Friendships take time. There isn't a generic timeline for building relationships so don't feel bad if you aren't braiding the other person's hair and writing love sonnets at 3 a.m. by the second time you hang out. Give the friendship time to breathe.

And with that, those are my tips on how to make lasting relationships  in college, but remember creating friendships is different for everyone. Do what feels right to you and let things happen naturally. 

I followed these tips my first semester in college and I can truthfully say I made some kick ass friends with some amazing people.

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  1. My first year in college and I am scared !! I will try these things out !! Maybe we could talk on line sometime!!