A Walk in the Winter Woods to Clear Anxious Minds

You know that feeling when it’s the dead of winter but you just got to get outside? The feel of the bitter cold breeze against your neck, seeing the pine tree beside you standing tall, and taking that first deep breath of icy air, seems to ground you in reality and ease your mind.

The winter months in Minnesota can be filled with a lack of vitamin D, feeling down, and just hoping for summer. I have found though, that after moving to Duluth, the city that relies on natural tourism for the economy to boom, getting outside even in the dead of winter is great for your mental and physical health.

When I go outside, a wave of calm and peace rolls over me and eases all my anxious thoughts. Nature has always been a soothing place for me to think and I forget that just because the land is covered in snow, that doesn't mean I am far away from nature.

Just today I went for a walk outside with a close friend of mine to clear my head and air out any unwanted thoughts. The cold is like a shock to the system that says “Hey you’re alive! Stop worrying so much and just go out and live.” Sometimes we need that shock to recenter our minds and bodies.

If you are ever feeling overwhelmed by the gloom of the darker nights and the shorter days of winter, just go outside and take a breath.

Clear your head of any negative thoughts and remind yourself of all the things you have to be happy for. Winter can be tough for those that belong in the sun, but with the cold comes a serenity that the heat can’t give.

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  1. Yes,walks are one of the best ways to help with feeling less anxious !!