Supporting Local Artists one Glassblown Pumpkin at a Time

DULUTH, MN-- The second annual Pumpkin Patch Party, put on by Lake Superior Art Glass, created lasting memories for those who came out to support their local artists on Sunday, Oct. 20.

This family friendly event was filled with cider tasting from Wild State Cider, snacks, and glass blowing demonstrations.

“It’s a new take on your classic pumpkin carving. By designing your custom pumpkin with us, you are making a memory that will last forever,” said Jodie Cowan, Marketing Manager.

Children dressed up as witches, fairies, clowns, and Jedis, danced around while oohs and aahs were heard throughout the studio. Participants of the event were able to watch up close as the glassblowers molded and produced lifelike pumpkins with their two chosen colors.

Beth Anderson, 5, dressed in a bedsheet with two eye holes cut out said, “I wanna be a glassblower when I grow up! You get to play with fire and sharp things which I can’t now because mommy won’t let me.”

Many of the glassblowers at Lake Superior Art Glass have been developing their skillset for over 12 years and still smile from ear to ear when designing glass art for community members to take home. To them it isn’t just a job. When the artists clock in everyday at work they get to continue their passion of creating beautiful art with their own hands, but just happen to get paid for it.

“It’s a cool event. I get to create my art and make people smile along the way,” said Sammy Flowers, a glass artist.

Lake Superior Art Glass also collaborates with other local artists by featuring work from over 60 different artists in the Midwest. This opens up the opportunity of increased sales and marketing for artists who don’t work for the studio and helps grow the community of glass blown art.

Judy Garthson, a first time participant in the event and advocate for local artists, said, “This place is supporting artists in Duluth and surrounding areas by having events like these and that’s just awesome. I brought my family here so we could create some lasting family moments together.”

During the demonstrations, glassblowers also described the science and techniques that are involved with their craft and answered any questions that the audience had. Pumpkins that were previously made by various local artists were also available for purchase.

“This event is just another great way to support local artists in our community,” said Cowan. And that is what Lake Superior Art Glass is all about; supporting artists and making memories for patrons.

Photo credit: Steve Corey

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