How to Thrift Like a Badass

As a person who loves digging through the clothing racks at thrift stores, I have learned that there are many tricks to thrifting that help one come home with more gems than just a beat up t-shirt.

I will admit that I used to think thrifting took way too much time for little pay off. I would go into a shop for an hour and come out with maybe one good sweater, two if I was lucky. Once I learned my badass tricks to thrifting however, I had more fun and purchased a bundle of clothes each time.

This whole outfit is thrifted and that is just one of many! If you go over to my Instagram page (shameless self plug), most of the recent outfits have thrifted pieces in them. I mean I don't want to toot my own horn, but.... toot, hell yeah, toot!

Without further adieu (ew how old am I?) here are my tricks to thrifting. You can thank me later.

My tips and tricks to thrifting like a badass:

  • Shop in all of the gender sections
I can't tell you how many times I have luck finding a rockin pair of dad jeans or an oversized sweater in the men's section. It's important to keep your options open.

  • Go through every aisle and every rack
Although this is the part where thrifting takes a lot of time, going through every rack will help you not miss anything that you wouldn't have otherwise found.

  • D.I.Y that shit
If something just doesn't fit perfectly or would look cute cropped, buy it, take it home, and make it your own.

  • Forget sizing tags
When I go thrifting, I don't look at the sizing sections and tags. I hold up the piece and judge if it will fit me or not.

  • Try everything on
This goes along with the trick above because with not looking at the sizes, trying the clothing pieces on is a must.

  • Brands don't mean everything
It is fun to find a nice pair of Levi jeans or a Tommy Hilfiger sweater, but brands aren't everything at thrift stores. I have found a lot of vintage pieces from random brands that look and feel better than anything made in recent years.

  • Go out of your comfort zone
Things have heavily reduced prices at thrift stores so that means you can buy those crazy cow print pants you have always wanted to try without feeling bad about it. Even if you only wear them once, it was still worth it.

  • Dress to un-impress
Go thrift shopping in the most comfiest outfit you own and that is easy to take on and off.

  • Inspect the pieces
Make sure to look over all the clothing items for stains, tears, adhesives missing, etc. If you can fix it, there is another D.I.Y, but if it looks like you can't, don't take it home. It was donated for a reason.

  • Donate your own clothes
After all this shopping, your closet might be too full. Donate some of your clothes to make room for more shopping in the future. Most thrift stores even give you a percent off coupon on your next purchase!

  • Have the time to dig in
Time can be your friend if you set aside 30 minutes to an hour each thrifting adventure you go on.

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