Frozen 2 left me sobbing and here’s why

Frozen 2 released last Thursday worldwide and adults and children a like flocked to the movie theaters to see their favorite Disney characters back in action. The box office ranked in $127 million domestically with $350 million worldwide just over opening weekend. Frozen 2 is projected to be one of the biggest Disney projects to date.

As a giant fan of Olaf, I saw it opening night dressed in a white sweater with fake black buttons running up and down the front and a orange painted nose. Yes, I am 21, and yes I don't regret my decision.

Half way through the movie, I found myself equipped with a runny nose and tears flowing down my cheeks. I didn't come prepared with a box of tissue, but ladies and gentlemen, Frozen 2 made me cry.

Why was I sobbing like a toddler in the toy aisle begging for the new action figure? Well Elsa's story of finally finding herself and who she is meant to be hit me right in the feels as a young college student who is on a similar journey.

There is a particular scene (don't worry I won't spoil anything) where Elsa discovers her past and what her future is that made me realize we are all on a path of self discovery. Wow I know deep stuff for a children's movie, but hear me out.

I have always been that person that needs everything to happen on a certain timeline. Graduate high school by 18, college by 22, get a well paying job after school, be married and have my first kid by 26, and so on. 

But honestly life doesn't happen like that, life is messy. It's full of fighting ice monsters (say hi to your professors or bosses for me), doors getting slammed in your face (sorry Anna), and wondering when your time will come.

Elsa battled a lot throughout the two Frozen movies and she is just now where she belongs and remember she ain't no spring chicken. Everything takes time and that's okay. We are all on different journeys and that's OKAY too.

So yes Frozen 2 made me cry, but hey I just had to let it go.
Photo Credit: Patrik Nygren

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