Weird thoughts that run through my head

If cats could talk and had thumbs, would they take over the world?

I am an independent woman! I don't need a man!

She is super pretty, I wish I had long eyelashes like that.

I want a boyfriend to cuddle with.

Wow he is super cute, hiiiii boi.

Okay that old couple is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Look at them holding hands and shit.

Should I get raspberries or blueberries?

Ew is that a pimple??

I wonder what Elon Musk is doing right now.

Okay so if I buy another bookshelves that means I could then buy more books right?

I want to scream in a public place just to see what happens.

Ugh this person needs to hit the gas pedal a little harder, like move bish get out the way!

I should probably stop spending so much money.

OOooo I love that dress!

Should I have a salad or pizza?

Ehhh my butt looks too big.

I can't wait to have my own house, awesome husband, perfect career, and 2-4 children who respect and worship me like the queen I am.

All I want to do ♪is have some fun♪

Let's pose by this motorcycle to look like I am cool.

Yeah well that didn't work


  1. I love to read this stuff;don't stop !!

  2. very up lifting

  3. I love that u wrote such vulnerable words !!! So cool !! Never STOP writing !!