A Love Letter to us

A love letter to us,

We are the generation that plans too much, spends too much, and is in the present too little. Always worrying about the next job promotion, the next car, the next boyfriend.

So focused on leaving a mark that all we are leaving behind are empty pictures on social media.

We are the generation that wants so badly to change the world, but yet all we do is tweet about it.

So eager for people to like us that we put on fake masks and fake personalities to hide our real selves.

We are the generation that has never before been so connected but yet are so alone. Depression, suicide, anxiety, are running through our veins like the blood that should.

So concerned with what is happening in the world of celebrities and fake news that we don't have the slightest idea about what is going on in the White House.

We are the generation that followed 9/11. The generation that became numb to the madness. Another shooting? Another terrorist attack? How many dead this time?

So obsessed with our image. Don’t worry if you hate yourself, that's why there is plastic surgery, lipo, and lip injections.

We are the generation that wants everything now nOW NOW.

So focused on technology that we are missing real human connection and raw relationships.

We are the generation that has the power to make a real difference in the world, but yet we don’t.

So don't sit back and let the decision be made for us.

We are the generation👊

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