My Love Affair

I am on a journey. No it's not a destination I am going to and no it's not a "life is a journey" kind of message. I am on a journey of self love.

I have been single for all the 20 years of my life. One would think that with 7.442 billion people in this world I would have found a nice boy by now, but the fates are not on my side in the love department.

For most of high school, I craved having a boyfriend. I wanted that teen movie romance where everything is against the two lovers, but in the end their relationship stands strong. Once I left high school still without a special guy in my life, I began to have a lot of self doubt.

Was it me? Was there something wrong with me that guys didn't like? My self confidence took a huge plunge during the summer before freshmen year of college. What if I never found someone to share my life with? What if true love wasn't waiting for me?

Then one day I was looking in the mirror getting ready to critique myself and I thought why I am so unhappy? For so long I had built up my happiness on being loved by someone else that I stopped loving all together. I was forgetting to live my life by the rules that made me happy. This is where I knew my mind set needed to change. This is where my journey of self love began.

Self love has many definitions and it means something a little different for everyone. For me self love is about looking in the mirror and liking who is staring back at you. Not only loving your body with all it curves, edges, and beauty marks, but loving the person that you are.

You need to be comfortable with all the amazing things you do, but also comfortable with your flaws and weaknesses. Don't try to hide them. Learn about your flaws and turn them into super powers.

Self love is also about being your own best friend. Around that summer, I lost an important person in my life because of a stupid fight that we couldn't see wouldn't make a difference in the future. I had to learn how to like my own company and be comfortable in the silence.

I took bike rides, walks, discovered new books to read, and went back to my love of writing. That's when I started this blog.

Now I am not saying my journey is over or even half way there. That's why we call it a journey. Self love is an affair with the only who you should be living for life for; yourself. It is about seeking love from within you, improving your life, and finding your worth. It will take time, but I promise the end results are worth it.

Once you can say you love yourself, you will be surprise at how much everything else in life falls into place. After being on my own personal journey for almost two years now, my confidence from within is higher than it has ever been and I finally feel like I have power in my life.

No there still isn't a guy, but damn that is okay.

If there is something in your life that you don't like and can change it, do it something about it. If there is something that you can't change, let it go and move on.

Self love is out there for the taking. I think everyone could use a little more love in their lives, hell I think the world could use a lot more love in it.

Start your journey today.


  1. I follow your blog's and I have to say, I really love them all but this one is very special !! It really hit's you and makes you really get's down to the point; do we have self- love and except who we are in and out.And I love the part where you say, make loving yourself as a super power! Cool blog!

  2. I love this Blog sooooo much !!! Self love is extremely important!! Thank you for sharing this !!!!