Adulting Sucks

Can we talk about being an adult for a second? It kinda sucks doesn't it? Okay I mean it really sucks.

There is the whole monthly bills thing that you have to pay for. I mean you even have a water bill, like I am sorry but I was so naive growing up, I had no idea my parents were paying for hot water. I took such long baths pretending I was a mermaid and not having a care in the world. If the water got cold, nah I would empty the tub and fill it right back up again, meanwhile my parents were probably doing what parents do, I don't know reading People Magazine and biting their nails thinking how much the bill would be.

Then there is the whole feeding yourself a proper diet thing. Most days I forget to eat until it's 2pm and I am slowly losing my will to go on.

And what the hell are taxes? Like doesn't anyone know what they really are? I don't even think the people who work at H&R Block know what taxes are.

My face tells it all
In all honesty though, I think it is crazy that when we are young we want to be old so badly. We play store with our little cash registers and we play house with fake jobs, kids, and credit cards. Craving to fit in with the older kids and wishing our parents took us seriously. Then when we are old all we want is to be young. We now have responsibilities, real kids, real jobs, and real loads of credit card debt. (Family don't worry I don't actually have children I didn't tell you about, I'm just trying to make a point)😁

I think it comes down to that saying the grass is greener on the other side. Humans always want for something they don't have, it's just in our nature. Wanting a better life, wanting to be famous, wanting to leave a mark and not be forgotten. These are all real wants that we feel like we can't accomplish until we are older and out in the "real" world. But the adult world is filled with boring, mundane things that goes on behind the scenes.

I wish I knew to savory the innocence and simplicity of life before it all got so crazy. We shouldn't be in a hurry to grow up. Time passes with or without us, so why not live in the present.