How are those new year's resolutions going? You know the ones where on January 1st you planned, started with a positive happy mindset, worked on for two weeks, and now it is February and they haven't been touched in a while? Yeahhh those ones. Not going so well huh? Well hey I am not here to judge you because I didn't even make resolutions this year.

No I didn't just stroke out for a minute, I honestly didn't make any. I think the idea of making resolutions one time a year is silly. We as people are constantly changing, constantly becoming new versions of our selves, so goals and dreams should be changing too. I think it is much more productive to make goals all the time. If you are constantly pushing yourself throughout the year with new aspirations, who knows where you will be.

My goal like many others for every day, month, year, is to be a healthier me. That can come in the form of eating better, working out more, taking mental breaks, etc. With this said, I am always on the look out for healthy but trendy places to eat and boy did I hit the mother load on this week's segment of

Trendy: Worth it or Skip it.

TRUCE is what I am talking about guys and I went there a little while ago to test out just how good 100% organic, raw, vegan, and gluten free food can actually be. According to TRUCE, it "is Minnesota's first 100% organic fresh-pressed juice shop. Founded by two local women with a commitment to health and wellness . . ." 

Even though my body is happy at the idea of having something so healthy, my mind is thinking soo where are the fries, but I was up to the challenge of trying this place out. Let's get reviewing!

1. Environment

The decor is very chic with a bar like vibe. The walls are clear glass with wood panels that give a open space, rustic feel. Pendant lights hanging from the ceiling add to the bar affect. Everything has clean crisp lines like the counter tops and black selves to hold more of their products. When I went it was a Friday afternoon and it was completely empty, which gave my friend and I the opportunity for a polaroid photo shoot, so I am not complaining. The employee who checked us out was friendly and helped us with the most popular items on the menu.

2. Location

There are several locations of TRUCE now, which I found myself at the St. Paul restaurant located on Selby Ave. This location is surrounded by unique and eccentric looking homes, which gave for an amazing view when sitting by the front window.

It is also within a small complex with other shops and businesses. The gift shop right across the hall from TRUCE is definitely worth the look around. I mean they even had a Bill Nye book, what more could one ask for?

*Spot the Bill Nye book in the lower left hand corner

3. Food

I ordered the So Cal Juice and Carrot Noodles to test some of the more popular items. The So Cal juice is made out of carrot, apple, and lemon. There is a strong carrot flavor, which makes it surprisingly tasty. The spiralized Carrot Noodles were raw and fresh with some sliced celery, what looked like a cashew dressing, and fresh herbs. This is a delicious snack that is sure to energize your body throughout the day. Carrots are high in vitamin A which is great for your visions, so after my meal, I should have been seeing in 5D.

4. Service

The employee was helpful and nice. She didn't mind that we had to take our time since we had never been there before. Quite a quick interaction to make the service fast and easy.

5. Price

Keeping in mind that this is all raw, organic, and vegan, the prices aren't too bad. My juice and noodles were a little under $14. Any healthy restaurant these days are quite expensive, so this price wasn't as high as excepted. A little steep for a "starving" college student like me, but I like that I am paying for nutritional things for my body.

TRUCE: Worth it or Skip it?


I think TRUCE is a great place to go for the atmosphere, healthy food, and overall great time. There are many locations to choose from so go be healthy, continue on the path of one of your goals, and grab a juice or salad at TRUCE.

#notsponsored, but really wish I was 😁

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  1. Yes,I also like Truce !!! good healthy food items !! Cute clothes .