Yup I got nothing.

Lately I have had no ideas on what to write. Usually a spark lights something within side me and it burns up until I have a writing session where the words pour right out of me like water from a glass. The last couple of weeks though, I have been so uninspired, so bored with my own words, that I haven't been writing at all. While I was filling my time reading someone else's words because I couldn't come up with my own, something else happened entirely; my love for taking pictures and creating art took hold of my heart once again. I let my creative mind have this outlet until I was ready to come back to writing and now I am back and my creative energy is ready for action. I am writing this post however to help others who are in a creative slump of their own. 

You are not alone! 

Creative lows are hard and stressful, believe me, I get it. Sometimes when I am having a low, I feel like I will never have a single creative thought ever again and that the world is over as we know it. The sky is falling piece by piece and no one will ever get to read my once amazing ideas because they are all gone. 

If you have ever felt this way, you get me and I get you. *virtual hug*

But don't worry, this time will pass. The heavens will once again open up and the angelic muse will come down and sprinkle a little idea into your head that will spark into something incredible.

Take me for example, I couldn't think of anything to write about for my short story assignment in my creative fiction class, so I rubbed myself in bronze glitter, had a photo shoot, and then bam the idea hit me like a rock. My thoughts are a work in progress, but it is still an idea!

So I guess I will leave you with a picture of me, with glitter all over, acting like I am a member of a Twilight vampire coven just chilling in the woods.

Yup I really did this. 

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