Trend Alert: Hair Rings

A trend that has been going around lately, I mean I sure have seen it all on social media platforms, is hair rings. Originally hair rings were used to add a little something extra to dreadlocks, but Ariana Grande brought the trend front and center with her looks from tour. Being the trend savvy teen I am, I decided to give this look a try, but of course with my own spin on it. So without further explanation and anymore of my rambling, here are five of my own takes on the hair ring style!

1) Spicying up a single braid

2) Small braid within loose hair

3) High pony with a braid down the middle

4) Side braid (for when you want to look really badass)

5) Half up duo with small braid on one side

I personally wore all these out on the town and received many compliments about my hair while doing so! Go ahead and rock these for any upcoming fall event that is on the calendar! Let me know what you think in the comments below, until next time my crazy cat ladies 🐱

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