Glitter Space Bunz Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to be a magical fairy princess, but just couldn't get your wings to stick on? Well if you relate to that in anyway, man do I have the tutorial for you!

Glitter Space bunz are the hot new trend for any fun event coming up that you want to look extra fairy like. To get this crazy new look, keep on reading!

Step one: Make two small high pig tails on each side of your head 

Step two: Make each high pig tail into a bun

Step three: Spray hair spray onto the area that you want the glitter to stick. For my own design I sprayed glitter on the space bunz and my middle part.

Step four: Sprinkle glitter where hair spray is

Step five: Repeat step three through four until you have the desired amount of glitter

Step six: Lastly put one more spray of hair spray to secure the glitter

Step seven: PARTY and DANCE because now you are a princess fairy

If you wanted to be really extra and go all out like I did, you could put some face gems and causally dye the ends of your hair purple, and then you would not only be a fairy princess, but a fairy queen.

Well there you guys go, that is my own spin on the trend of glitter and space bunz! If you try this look, let me know in the comments below!


  1. This is really cute ; will try it on my hair !

    1. Thanks! Give it a try and let me know what you think, I sure had fun with my hair style at the color run!