Mug Lasagna

Have you ever been craving lasagna, but didn't want to make a big mess in the kitchen for it? Well if you are like me, this happens about once a week. So when I was scrolling through my youtube feed, I saw a recipe for mug lasagna, yes mug lasagna, and I just knew I had to try it. The recipe comes from a blog called Big Bolder Baking and from a really lovely baker named Gemma.

The recipe is very easy, which as you all know, is my specialty.

Ingredients you will need:


Ricotta Cheese

Lasagna noodles

Marianna Sauce

Shredded Cheese

For the portions of each ingredient, you only need a small amount since this is a meal for one.

The first step in the recipe is to cook the noodles. Grab your favorite mug and a slice of lasagna noodles to get started. Break up the noodle and place the noodles into your mug filled halfway with water. Place in the microwave for around four to five minutes and then drain the noodles. The second step is while the noodles are cooking, mix some oregano into the ricotta cheese. Put as much oregano or as little as you prefer. The third and final step is to assemble the mini lasagna in the mug as you would a normal sized lasagna. Noodle, ricotta and oregano mixture, and then the sauce. Once the mug is full with lasagna layers, top it off with some shredded cheese, and pop it back in the microwave to get nice and hot.

Well there you have it! A piping hot mug of lasagna for a dinner night alone. It will be nice for the future to be able to make personal sized lasagna for a busy night when all I want to do is be lazy, but also have a full belly. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below and tell me if you make the dish for your own.

Crazy cat lady rating: 4/5


  1. I will be having this for dinner this week , yum !!

    1. Great! Come back for more dinner advice in the future!