Dear Mama

Dear Mama,
    Thank you

I have bounced around so many ways to start this letter to you, my mom, but I keep coming up empty. I don't think any sentence in the english language could sum up how much you mean to me. You are always there to make me smile when I am having a bad day. You make a silly joke or a weird face and pretty soon we are both red in the face and gasping for breathe from the laughter. Thank you for always being there for me no matter what. We have been through so much you and I, but if we are going through it together, I know it will be alright.

Thank you for letting me complain all the time. I mean some days I feel like all I say are negative things about my nails not being the right shade, some annoying customer at work, or ranting about how society today sucks. If I were you, I would have told me to shut up a long time ago, but you never have.

Thank you mom for being my best friend, my adventure buddy. I love when we just get in the car and drive. Our nature hikes are the best, while we both take in the wonders of the world. I love that we both watch Netflix like it is a sport. I think some of my favorites times with you are when we play rummy five hundred at the kitchen table, or when we go for our long bike rides. Those are the times when it is just me and you. No chores, technology, or other people, to distract us. I think our talks during those times are the most raw and real.

Thank you mom for never telling me my dreams were too big. For never telling me that trying to be a successful writer is like trying to be the one non killer, killer whale. You have always told me I could do anything in life and that has kept my dreams as big as they are. I know that the road to my dreams will be long and tough, but with your never ending support, I know I will be alright.

Thank you mom for teaching me to be strong. You are the strongest woman I know and if I can be half as strong as you, I think I will have made it. The things that life has put on your shoulders would be too great for some, but not for you.  I learned from you that yeah life will punch you in the gut sometimes, but the trick to it all, is to punch back.

I sure won the lottery when it came to moms. You put up with my sarcasm and crabby days. I mean I sure know I am not always a walking ray of sunshine, but you deal with it anyways. You are also the best cook ever. I mean I try all the time to just throw some ingredients together, add some spices, and bam a delicious meal, but they are never any where near as good as yours. I always go wayyy to heavy on the spices.

I guess what I am trying to say mom, is thank you. Thank you for being that person for me. You know that person in all corny teen movies, where no matter what they go through, they are always smiling, laughing, and ready to help. You are that person for me mom, always there and by my side. Always supporting me and loving me unconditionally. Thank you for being there when I just need a mama bear sized hug or a shoulder to cry on. You are my best friend, my sister, my mom. You always will be. So happy mother's day to the funniest and coolest person on the block.

P.S. Let's go watch star wars now and laugh our butts off at Yoda jumping around 😂

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  1. Thank you my dear peanut !!! You are too kind !! You have been my JOY since I first got to hold you in my arms !!! I will now and always be right here for you ; with a listening ear ; laughing or crying what ever it takes !!! Love forever, MOM