I want to travel. I want to go to another country, but I don't want to just vacation there. I want to live there. To be immerse in the culture, to live how the natives live, and dream how they dream. I want to swim in the deepest part of the ocean. I want to climb the highest trees, and hike the tallest mountains. I want to go backpacking around the world with nothing, but a map and my knowledge to guide me. I want to sip tea with the queen and dance with the Irish. I want to pray with the munks and sing with the stars. I was not made for a small town life, filled with the same thing day after day. I was made to explore anything and everything. To be scared that I won't make it home, but more scared that I will. I want to live more than one life. Wanderlust is what drives my soul. I feel the need to travel and move deep within my bones. I am not a sitter, I never have been. Sitting around waiting for life to happen just isn't for me. I am a doer, a risk taker, a adventurer. Life is to short to not see the world. Adventure is out there and it is calling my name.

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  1. This is truly you !!! may your life and adventures take you to the best places !!!!!!!!