The Perfect Guy

The perfect guy. Does he exist? I like to think that he is out there, wandering around looking for his perfect match, his me. I imagine that we are two halves of a soul looking to be whole again. The perfect guy treats me with respect. That even with dating being considered hooking up and everything is based off of looks and how hot someone is, he is still kind and generous. Mostly though, I feel as though I should have been born in the past when dating was actually real. A time when my perfect guy would ring the doorbell and meet my parents. A time where my dad would try to be scary and menacing. Where we would hold hands, while watching a drive in movie. We would share a milkshake and talk about our dreams. My perfect guy would care about my goals and who I am as a person, while I did the same. We would take our time getting to know each other, to understand who we are. While all this sounds perfect and wonderful and amazing, my perfect guy isn't perfect because I'm not perfect. Nobody is perfect because perfection is unachievable. My imperfect guy would still seem perfect to me because love blinds us all, but I know he really isn't. My guy owns up to his imperfections and insecurities. When he messes up, he apologizes. When he gets moody, I smother him with kisses until he gives me a smile. We cheer each other up, him and I. We are there for each other when no one else is, we got each other's backs. We go on adventures and travel because we are wanders him and I. Explorers of the great world we live in. I hope this guy exists out there for me; a perfectly imperfect dreamer.

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  1. There are ( good guys ) out there ; you just have to wait for the perfectly , imperfect ONE