Finals Week

In college, finals week comes with studying until one's eyeballs bleed, pulling all nighters, and creating an addiction to coffee. If you just mention finals week to a college student be prepared to be answered with eye rolls, head shaking, and groans. That word is like the final swing of a blade on someone's neck. It is the plague that no one wants to catch. College students all want to do well, get those A's, but there are many times that we all want to throw our hands up in the air and say enough. I just had a thought last week that if I dropped out now, I could sell all my belongings and join a traveling circus. I mean I don't have any strange talents, but I could sell tickets and maybe meet a hot lion tamer. However, my dreams of being in the circus were quickly squashed, because what would I say at Christmas when my family asks me what I have been up to. Being in the circus would not go down well with the relatives, so once again I am back to studying, and crying, and having a mental breakdown. I mean it is hard enough to deal with papers, presentations, and exams, but when a teacher piles on telling them how well they taught the class, well that's it, no more. My teacher evaluation would go something like this:
Dear Soul Crusher,
Yes, Hi, remember me? I was in your composition class this semester. The one that you never cancelled a day and made us write ten short essays, fifteen poems, and seven personal memoirs. Yes, that one. Well I can safely say that you made the past four and a half months, a personal nightmare for each and every student you had. I used to love writing, I mean I still do, but after writing so much of the same thing over and over again, I feel like I need a break. My writer's block is at an all time high. I mean, I haven't been able to write a blog in over two weeks! You did this to me, so when you ask me to evaluate your class and teaching skills? Huh where do I begin . . . please never teach again.
Sincerely, your favorite student
I think it is funny that teachers always want us to tell them how they did as teacher for the semester. I don't know what they are excepting. School runs my life until each semester ends, so no, I am not satisfied with how they taught grammar and punctuation. I mean just last night, I was trying to watch  the new show GirlBoss on Netflix (highly recommend by the way if you are looking for a kick ass female lead to inspire and empower you) and in the back of my head I kept thinking about the Wall Street paper I still have yet to write. I know it won't take me very long once I actually get into it, but I. don't. wanna. *said in a young bratty voice*.
That is the other and last thing I have to say about finals week. Finals week makes me feel like a child. During finals, I am basically an adult baby. I get up and complain. Make some breakfast and complain. Go to school and get told what to do and how to do it. Go back home and complain. Do some studying and when I can't take it, through myself on the ground and wail like a screaming goat until I tire myself out enough to fall asleep. This routine goes on repeat until I take my last final exam and then I sleep for a week straight. I never knew what I would become during finals week, but I guess I turn into an adult baby walking around on two legs. Welcome to college ladies and gentlemen.  
Well I should go back to studying the cosmology of the universe for my upcoming astronomy final exam. May the force be with you, if you too are struggling through finals week. Yoda out

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