It's Official

It's official, I am a published writer. I can't believe that the day is here. All the long nights of staying up late filled with writer's block has finally paid off. I have wanted to be a writer ever since my dad bought me my first novel in kindergarten. My dad, an avid reader himself, gave me the love of reading, which in turn gave me the love of writing. I owe my passion in life, the thing that drives me, to my dad. So thanks dad, I know you read these. My heart feels as though it is beating out of my chest. My hands are sweating and shaking. My mouth will not leave the smile position and my head is abuzz with so many positive thoughts. I am overwhelmed and overjoyed that this has happened. I joined The Century Times Newspaper back in January as a staff writer, but I was so nervous. Putting myself and my writing out there to be judged and critiqued was one of the most scary things I have ever done. For a writer, my words are my truth. My words are what I believe in and how I can show the world what matters to me. Each piece of my writing is like a piece of me that I pour myself into, before anyone can read it. So to put a piece of me out there for an entire college to read is scary. My dad always says that nothing is an adventure unless you are a little scared to do it, and man was this a big adventure. I am proud of myself for getting my work out in the world and I plan on writing for The Century Times until I leave the school in 2018. So here are to many more newspapers to come!

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