Ah Spring

Today is the first day of spring in America and I couldn't be happier. The sun was out past seven o'clock. The birds were flying high while excitement left their little bodies in song. People were taking walks down my street, happy and smiling. I heard the neighborhood boys playing football and hitting things with sticks. I think the grass even looked a little greener. To me spring is about new beginnings. A time of freshness and starting over. Where the dead seem to rise as flowers breathe the crisp, clean, new air. Spring is a time of animal babies being brought into the world. It won't be long until I see new bunnies, birds, and squirrels around my house. Their eyes seeing everything for the first time, taking in their surroundings. Spring means more daylight and more daylight means a happier me. In spring anything can happen. That friend you want to call, but haven't, do it. That crush you want to talk to, but are too scared, do it. That job you want, but are afraid of not getting, while being even more afraid that you will, do it. All those things you haven't done, DO IT. I started setting my dreams into motion today. I have a while to go, while trying to not get too excited, but I did it. Spring is a time of all the nike slogans and Shia Labeouf rants to actually make sense. So take their advice, if not mine, and just do it!

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