"Like Realizing Stuff"

I realized something the other day and it completely changed the way I look at other people. I realized that everyone has a different life and we are all uniquely divergent. Now wow what a mind blowing concept that I guess I just realized now. But wait just hear me out. So everyone is living there own lives all around the world, every minute of everyday. We all have different thoughts, feelings, and interactions. We all have different past experiences; good and bad. We all have different friends and family in our lives. All these things make us inherently different. No one really knows what people deal with and what they have going on in their lives, but yet why do we feel like we can judge others? What makes us feel like we know everything about that random stranger we see walking down the street to be able to judge them? You see kids actting out in the toy section in a store and think they are brats, but what if their parent or grandparent just passed away? We see a person riding the bus and automatically think they are poor because they don't have their own car, but what if they are just eco friendly? A bum on the street is lazy, but yet they could have a mental disability. A skinny girl is beautiful, but yet her mind could be telling her to eat less and less until she fades away. The smart kid, the kid that has a full ride to college, could be trying so hard because that's the only way they can go to college at all. All these examples show how just by looking at someone, we don't know their actual story. People judge others all the time and don't think about what could really be going on beneath the surface. I think we should all try a little harder to give people a real chance to show who they are and not place people in boxes based on what our own mind makes up and says is truth. I believe we would be able to have more friends and be more happy in life by breaking the chains of judgement. It's a freeing realization when you take the time to think about it.

Thanks Kylie Jenner for the amazing quoted title 😆

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