Looking Back on 2016

As I looked back on 2016 and everything that went on this past year, I realized that yes there were a lot of struggles and hard times, but there were more happy moments to make 2016 one of the best years of my life. I started my last year of high school ever, and made my mark on senior year. I had so many adventures with my pals that will last me a lifetime of memories. 

I went out of my comfort zone and did things that I normally wouldn't. I became a lead and then an assistant manager at my work. I graduated high school with a 4.0 and my friends surrounding me. I will never forget how it felt to be free of the high school social status and to just be myself. Then I started a new chapter of my life as an "adult". Even though quickly after that, I started college feeling like the little kid. Made new friends and more memories. Started a blog and continued to pursue my passion of writing. Finished my first semester of college with all As. And I continued to build the Knieff Empire. 

With all these highs though, there came the lows. I lost a really great friend. My dad's health got in bad shape. I felt lonely quite often even when surrounded by loved ones. I had to say goodbye to a lot people as they went to college. My mental health was not always the greatest. And worst of all I am still single. That last one was called a joke ladies and gentlemen. 

In all seriousness though, I grew up in 2016. My personality grew into a self reliant, strong, hard working person. Who doesn't take people's s***. I learned to focus on myself more and try to worry about what others are thinking less. I learned not to judge others and give people a chance. I learned that it is okay to have silence and to be alone. I learned that your best friend should be yourself, because once you love yourself everything seems to fall right into place. Most of all, I learned to see the beauty in the small things. To love those small moments when you just  woke up in the morning and the earth seems as though it is standing still. It's just you in your blissful happiness and nothing could ever take those few seconds away from you. Or when walking in the park, you see a grandchild run up to their grandfather, and those expressions of pure innocent love and joy on their faces, is where true beauty takes place. 

It isn't about how much makeup you can cake on your face to hide all your flaws and insecurities. It's about loving those freckles or that birth mark. It's about understanding our strengths and then flourishing in our weaknesses. Beauty is all around us every moment of every day, we just have to be looking to see it.

I am so grateful to everyone in my life that made 2016 the best year that I have spent orbiting the sun. My friends and family are my rock and I couldn't have had such an incredible time without a single one of them. If 2016 was this great, I can't wait to see where 2017 takes me. Here goes nothing!

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