The Older Generation

The older generation. Who are they? Each line and wrinkle that they have earned on their faces tell a story. Each story that was a moment in time that will be forever remembered in plain sight for all to see. They wear those wrinkles like badges, proud of the things they have accomplished to give them those "imperfections." Their eyes have seen many tragedies for just one person to bare. They have seen war, deaths, smiles, and too many faces to remember them all. Their hearts have felt love, loss, happiness, and sadness. Their brains have learned it all and earned wisdom over the years. When those brains start to forget, the heart never does. Everything that has happened has made them into who they are and a heart could never forget that. The heart doesn't fail us, when the mind does. With all the things they have seen and gone through, they have so much to teach us. So much to share. But yet no one listens. These days we are too caught up with our phones and the next best thing, that we can't take the time to actually listen when they try to tell us things. They want to share their wisdom and stories, but we won't listen. We want everything now and taking time to stop and listen is just not in our DNA anymore. We have been programmed to never stop. Always constantly working towards that next promotion, next car, next phone, next house, that we push aside human relationships because that won't get us anywhere, right? Talking to an old person couldn't possibly help us, right? Wrong! They could help us get that promotion by giving us tips. They could help your failing marriage, or deteriorating relationship with your kids. The stuff that at the end of the day that actually matters. You can't take the materialistic things with you when you die, you can only take regret with you. Regret that you didn't love harder. Live harder. So take the time to talk to the older generation. You will be suprised as to what they can help you with and you won't regret showing some respect to those who were there to see it all.

Love you grandma, see you in heaven one day

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