Thanksgiving. A time for giving back, spreading happiness, and being thankful. A time to eat way too much of Uncle Bill's delectable turkey and grandma's famous stuffing recipe with sausage in it. A time to eat pumpkin spiced everything and just about a weeks worth of calories in one meal, while not regretting a thing. Taking a after meal nap is always the second thing to do and then maybe playing games or just reminiscing with family. A time that makes the loudest of family be quite in a thankful pray and a time to bring even the stubbornest of people closer together. To hear the stories that have been stored up for a year and to laugh our heads off from the crazy funny things only an Uncle would say. Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends. It's a time to wake up early and watch Macy's thanksgiving parade with the whole family and sing along to all the holiday songs that are hearts know so well, we could sing them in our sleep. This day means something a little different to everyone, but the theme that is the same across the board is having a great day with the ones you love. I hope everyone has an amazing holiday and goes to bed smiling. Peace be with you.

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