I Voted

Today is the day, it is time to vote. Having turned 18 this year, it means it is my first year to vote in the presidential election and honor my right as an American citizen. I have always been very into what is happening in the White House and the politics in the US ever since I was little because rich history is very interesting to me. With this year's election being the first time I can vote, I was very hesitant as who to vote for and even if I should vote. I think right now, it is about picking the lesser of two evils and that shouldn't be how it is. But what are you going to do right? I almost thought about not voting just because I didn't want to be involved in this mess and what is to follow when our new president is elected. I thought and debated about it a very long time and came to the conclusion that I was being absolutely ridiculous. Of course I have to vote. Men and women died to give me the right to vote and I would be disrespecting their sacrifices if I didn't. As well as being a woman and having the right to vote is a huge deal. Women didn't have the right to vote until 1920 and they had to fight extremely hard to earn it. Another reason I wanted to vote was because not all countries have this democratic government where they get to exercise the right to choose who they want to be in power. That is a HUGE deal. We get to choose who we want to tell us what to do. We get to choose what laws go into affect. We get to choose who has the people's wants in mind. I love living in America and being an American citizen because of this. I know this year's election is crazy and everyone has a opinion about it, so I am not going to say mine. I feel by saying mine will dissolve the integrity of my points and make it seem like a smear campaign and that's not what I want. I want you to know I am proud to be able to vote. I think every American that is of age should be proud to vote. It took a lot of work to get us to be able to do this and by voting it shows that you at the very least, appreciate what our country has done for us. So if you haven't voted yet today, there is still time. Take the couple minutes and stop by a voting place and cast your ballot today. I did.

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