What is fall to you? The dictionary defines fall as, "the season between summer and winter," but I think it is much more than that. Fall is a universal word that means so many things to people all around the world. It is a connotation to mean anything. To me it means taking pictures with my best friends with the leaves changing all around us. The hues of red, orange, and yellow, falling towards the ground. The final specks of green that the dying leaves try to hold on to the last momemts of summer and all things warm. Then when I am walking I can hear the crunch of the falling leaves under my boots, and it sounds like fall.
Fall is going to the apple orchard and picking out the best apples that shine red to make a glorious apple pie with. The smells of cinnamon and fresh apples fill my nose and make my stomach grumble with the happiness of what is to come. To me fall is going to the same pumpkin patch with my family that I have gone to for every year since I was born. Searching for that perfect pumpkin through the fields and screaming in triumph once I found the perfect one. Just looking at that pumpkin and knowing all the possibilties that I can create on that round orange surface. Then going on and creating a masterpiece on that very pumpkin that I will proudly display outside for all to see.
Fall to me is warm drinks shared with friends as we talk about the latest crazy thing one of us has done. To me it is warm sweaters that I will live in until it is too hot to stand them anymore. The boots that aren't practical, but make me feel special. And the matching scarves and hat combos that make me excited for the winter. It is trick or treating until I was too old to do it anymore. Wearing princess, fairy, and mermiad costumes and feeling the magic in the air. Then when I got older, it's about passing out the candy to all the little trick-or- treaters. How their faces light up with pure wonderment and joy when they get to peer inside the candy bowl and pick out their favorite kind. Fall to me means so many fond memories that I wouldn't change for the world. When I hear the word fall I can't help but smile. Fall can mean anything and I hope that never changes.

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  1. Beautiful description of fall !! I love all those things ! The pumpkin patch and carving faces; THE BEST !!!!