Community College?

I graduated last summer of 2016 and with this came a graduation party for all my friends and family. At this party, the main agenda on everyone's mind, besides mine mind you, was to ask me where I am going to college. "So where are you headed?" "What are your plans?" "What are you going to be up to next year?" Any college bound student starts to loath these questions, but for me I strongly hated them. Almost every time when I answered with a "community college to do my generals", I got that 'oh' look where they were trying to come up with something nice to say, followed by an uncomfortable smile. Only after I told them I was headed to Boston in the fall of 2018 to continue my master's in creative writing, did they act proud and want to know more. Why is this? What makes a community college lesser than? Society has created this stigma that says a community college is for those who "can't do school," or for those loser types that remind you of one of a character from That's 70s show. I think this stigma is ridiculous. In my opinion, people who go to community college are the smart ones. We are getting a higher form of education for much much less. While others are going to be up to their eye balls in student loans and debt, I will be sitting pretty. Already able to buy a new car or a new house that they will be struggling to save up for. I hope this stigma will slowly fade away, but for now all I can do is raise awareness about the smart move that is going to community college. Don't worry about what people think, because at the end of the day we have to do what is best for us.

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  1. You chose the right path for you !! You now have more time for yourself to grow as a person !!! You will thrive wherever you attend !